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Training & Coaching

Melissa Vaughn’s primary focus is on dressage, while Darrell Vaughn specializes in Jumpers, Eventing and Young Horses. They work as a team with clients and horses. Vaughn Equestrian also specializes in bringing young horses along through early training into “maturity”. This involves developing a program to meet the specific needs of each horse and the goals of its owner. And then having the flexibility to adjust the program as things change.

Our Principles

Training riders to achieve goals through correct and effective communication
Form equates to function
Both horse and rider at all levels need to do everything correctly to the best of their ability before moving on
Everything counts in building “equity” with your horse
Importance of goals – big or small -- and a realistic plan to achieve them

Horse Selling & Purchasing

Vaughn Equestrian prides itself in the ability to find the right horse for its client. This is a highly individualized process to match the horse with the correct attitude and skills to the ability and goals of the rider. Because it is not always a quick process, it requires patience and trust on the part of the client to recognize that the Vaughns are looking for a long-term equine partner, not a short-term fix to serve an immediate need.


Top quality care for equine athletes. Exceptional feeding program and care.
Small private setting in Aiken, SC.
Vaughn Equestrian is designed for the hands-on horseperson who seeks top-level training and care for their horse in an environment that is “horse-centric”.

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Divider Background
  • There are a lot of good riders and trainers of horses, but you both are real horsemen. You look at the whole horse, try to figure them out, and get them doing something that they are happy and successful with. I have told everyone what a great job you did with my new horse both in horsemanship and marketing him.

    Kelly Hughes - Buyer Testimonial
  • I am so thankful Regina found the right home. Ellen shared this with me. She is now a Pony Club horse. You saved her. You gave her a second chance. You know it's not about the talent of the horse, it's about finding the heart. You gave her back her heart. She needed confidence to try again. Now she will pass that on. It's a matter of trust. A talented trainer knows the horse and allows the path to happen.

    Seller Testimonial

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Presenting Vaughn Equestrian. Aiken's premier equine facility offering training and sales for performance horses and like-minded riders.

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