Clients come to Vaughn Equestrian for many reasons, including boarding, training, lessons, or Reiki massages for their horses. But, above all, they have one thing in common: they share the Vaughn’s holistic philosophy toward equine well-being as the foundation for success.

As in all things Vaughn, we’re a team devoted to bringing our 'A' game to every client.

Our Business Services place Priority on:
• Things that our primary clients have said they need and want.
• Practicing what we preach, i.e. activities that follow our holistic philosophy of horsemanship
• Activities where we feel that we are differentiated compared with other equestrian operations
• Activities that we enjoy doing the most (a luxury that comes with experience and success)

Melissa is specialized in dressage, and enjoys teacheing students from basic to Grand Prix. Her teaching style is versatile, articulate, respectful and non-stop. Melissa readily shares her knowledge to connect the dots for her clients, explaining the “why” and the “how”, not just the “what”.

Darrell’s background on the 'A' circuit gives him insights for a broad variety of jumping instruction, including combined training, show hunters and show jumpers. His ring savvy is unparalleled. Darrell’s human clients love his eye for detail, which, coupled with his sunny personality, turns an intense, exacting lesson into an hour of fun and learning.

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Living every aspect of our philosophy of well-rounded horsemanship makes our program stand apart from other equestrian operations