The result of our Vaughn Philosophy is a peaceful, productive and, yes, “exhilarating” environment where every horse and rider can strive in comfort and harmony toward their goals. Here, we outline the life influences and abilities that led us to develop this approach.

ABOUT MELISSA AND DARRELLVaughn Equestrian is proud to represent these excellent Sponsors

Growing up on the family horse farm in New Hampshire, Melissa has the private personality for which New Englanders are frequently known. Beneath that calm exterior, however, lies an unstoppable drive for professional excellence. This woman has true grit!

You’re most likely to see Melissa’s affection for people and horses by her deeds and actions rather than her words. It’s typical for her to accompany a single client and horse to an important multi-day event to ensure that they have a safe and successful experience. Somehow, Melissa digs deep into her energetic core to be there for each and every client on their big days. She cares deeply that each client makes progress toward her/his own goals and aspirations.

Melissa is an accomplished rider and trainer of horses through the FEI levels to the Grand Prix of dressage. She works with a number of professionals for her own continuing development, Scott Hassler, a national and international trainer, is her primary guru these days.

Growing up on a horse farm in New York, there wasn’t much that Darrell didn’t try on horseback. Today, we’d call it natural horsemanship, desensitization, behavioral therapy and western equitation. But Darrell’s true loves were jumping and a fasci-nation with the ancient Eastern healing art known as Reiki.

After a stint in the Marines, Darrell rode the A circuit for hunters and jumpers for 10 years. He received top tutelage from Ralph Caristo and Buddy Brown. He was in charge of prepping horses for Adult Amateurs for the show ring: hunters, jumpers and equitation mounts. Darrell spent years with Michael Paige learning about the biomechanics of horses.

Reflecting on the rigors these horses undergo from indoor shows to winters in Wellington, he vowed to make it his priority to help horses. His love of horses and his relationships with them are the driving factors in what he does now. He has developed deep insight into horse behavior that is often misunderstood.

Darrell is a Brand Ambassador for the Hylofit System, a new technology that records a horses' heartrate along with the activity that is associated with in-creases or decreases in heartrate. Increased heartrate can be an indicator of slight pain that one would not ordinarily detect and may indicate that the exercise intensity should be lessened or a veterinarian should be consulted. Decreased heartrate, sustained over time, confirms that fitness training is progressing well.


Clients come to Vaughn Equestrian for many reasons, including boarding, training, lessons, or Reiki massages for their horses. But, above all, they have one thing in common: they share the Vaughn’s holistic philosophy toward equine well-being as the foundation for success.This shared philosophy unifies VEQ clients, creating a friendly environment of camaraderie and mutual respect.Otherwise, there’s a lot of variety of among Vaughn clients